Devon community radio station 

       TCR radio 


in conjunction with Tiverton Astronomy Society ( )  

John Parrett  -  The Apollo 13 disaster

Talk by Jo Richardson Space Ambassador ESERO-UK 
TIVAS at Blundells School 03/02/17

Stargazing event 25th January   East Anstey Primary School Tiverton
with  Jo Richardson  Space Detective

Skywatch January 2017   with Rick Bushnell and John Parrett
Astronomy update and all things Space Shuttle and a little bit more ...

Skywatch December 2016 edition  
with Rick Bushnell and John Parrett

Astronomy update, International Space Station, Tim Peak's Pod Capsule, Space Shuttles and more

November 2016  Skywatch update 

with Rick Bushnell & John Parrett 

   John Young tells us about the Supermoon 

on the 14th November 2016 

the next is in 68 years !

 Not to be missed!